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Family Reimbursement Application We are no longer accepting applications for the 2021 Grant Year. The 2022 Grant Application will become available in late January 2022.
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Family Reimbursement Grant Program
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Family Reimbursement Grant?
The Family Reimbursement Grant is an OPWDD funded program that financially assists families to care for a family member with a developmental disability. Families are reimbursed for expenses they have paid out of pocket.

Who is Eligible to apply for the Family Reimbursement Grant?
The grant serves people with developmental disabilities of all ages who live with a family member. We serve individuals in the following counties; Albany, Fulton, Montgomery, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady, Schoharie, Warren, and Washington. Individuals living independently, or in a certified setting are not eligible. To apply, individuals must be eligible for OPWDD services and provide their Letter of Eligibility.


What types of items cannot be reimbursed?
• Any goods or service that is covered by Medicaid.
• Any good or service provided through school districts.
• We cannot reimburse for taxes, penalties, shipping and handling, fines etc.
• We are unable to provide gift cards.
• We are not allowed to reimburse CBD products.

What types of items have been reimbursed in the past?
• Music Lessons (music therapy, piano lessons, etc)
• Hippotherapy (Nipper Knolls, High-N-Mighty, etc)
• Athletic Programs (bowling leagues, baseball teams, swimming etc)
• Single Gym Memberships (Ciccotti Center, YMCA, etc)
• Clothing, outerwear, and shoes
• iPad’s to help with communication needs
• GPS Trackers
• Recreation Programs (class at The Broken Mold, Ring Around the Spectrum etc)
• Bedroom furniture (mattresses, bed frames, etc)
• Co-pays for medical or therapeutic appointments (chiropractor, ABA, etc)

How do I apply for the Family Reimbursement Grant?
All applicants must complete and submit an application yearly. Care Managers can assist in the completion of applications, but it must be signed by the caregiver. Applications are available on our website as well.

Who reviews Family Reimbursement Grant applications?
The first review is done by the Coordinator who checks the applications for completeness. A Reimbursement Review Committee comprised of parents has been established to review all requests and determine awards to families.

If my application is approved, how much money can I expected to be awarded?
Families typically receive awards ranging from $100-$1,000, depending on their financial need, family circumstances, the number of applications received, and available funds. Additional money may be awarded at the end of the year if there are unused funds, and families have submitted additional respite logs or receipts.

If I am awarded money for respite, can Wildwood provide the respite worker?
Unfortunately, no, you must hire and make all arrangements for respite care yourself. If you are approved, you will be mailed a respite log to complete and return to the coordinator.

Can the Respite Worker that I use be a family member?
Yes, as long as the family member does not live in the same household as the individual receiving services. Parents of individuals are also not allowed to be reimbursed for providing Respite care.

Can I apply for reimbursement from more than one agency?
Yes, but you need to indicate to what other agencies you have applied.

Can I apply for reimbursement funds more than once a year?
Families are encouraged to only apply once a year so that we can provide this service to as many families as possible.

How often should I submit receipts or Respite logs?
You can submit both receipts or Respite logs monthly or less frequently if you would like. Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing.

What happens if I am awarded money and decide not to use it?
Please let the coordinator of the program know as soon as possible about any changes so that funds can be reallocated.

For additional questions please contact Heather Giorgianni, Coordinator of Family Reimbursement at 518-640-3315 or by email at

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