A variety of school staff members have gone in front of the camera to give testimonials about working at Wildwood School. The project, conceived of by Cindi Riggi and the communications team, is designed to help get the message out about what it is like working with Wildwood’s students and how it can be a rewarding career.

     “We want potential job candidates to get a clear picture of what working at school is like,” Cindy Riggi said. “We want the people who work here to let applicants know what to expect, how rewarding the career can be and what the realistic challenges can be like.

     Teachers, teaching assistants, music therapists, social workers, and art teachers all participated and shared what a work day and a career is like at school. Every testimonial was unique yet there were common themes throughout every interview. Those themes were commitment and caring for the students.

     “I love coming to work because every day is different,” Adrienne Galaraz says. “When you can see a student grow and develop it is so rewarding.

     While everyone acknowledged the challenges of school work, things like short staffing, challenging behaviors and managing many students at once, the challenges were overshadowed by the personal fulfillment from the work.

     “I have a great job. I get to share music with the students every day and play a small part in their growth and happiness,” Alec Betterley, music therapist says.

     Some of the staff who shared their testimonials were long tenured while others have joined Wildwood less than a year ago. Stephanie Berg has been a TA at school for over twenty years.

     “I stay here because of the culture. It really is a close-knit group of people and it is a great atmosphere to work in,” she says.

     Trystan Tallman just became a teacher. Despite the difference in tenures she shares many of the same feelings as Stephanie.

     “I love teaching. I love how the students respond and develop. Not every day is easy but you really get a chance to make a difference in someone’s life,” she says.

     The videos will be used for recruitment, in social media campaigns and for staff training.

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