Advocacy happens every day.  It’s especially impactful when the right people listen and take action.  We, the United People’s Self Advocacy group, are fortunate to have our CEO, Lou Deepe, attend our meetings.  Recently, he actively solicited our opinion on areas of improvement here at Wildwood.  Several of us use walkers and wheelchairs and Building 1 didn’t have push button bathroom door openers.  We voiced our concerns to Lou. Bryan Norton, Self-Advocate said, “Lou does listen. He’s honorable and trustworthy. He says what he means and does what he says.”   

    Lou spoke with our Director of Operations Mark Normandin and within a month, push button door openers were installed on the second floor bathrooms.  Mark said he will continue to work on these improvements and advocate for funds for additional bathroom door openers to be added into his budget. Bryan said, “We’re patient. We understand that it takes time to complete any project. “ 

    Bryan stated, “It feels great to be asked my opinion and have it count. “


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