In the field of direct care, there are so many things that make for a good residence.

    Team work and team building is essential. When strong teamwork is exhibited, you’re able to create a safe, comfortable space for the residents.

    Team building helps keep the trust strong between colleagues and improves productivity. The residents thrive on seeing a strong team that works cohesively.

    They begin to collaborate on everyday tasks and work together better when they see teamwork modeled daily.

    Another great example of what makes for a good residence is including the residents in decision making. Allowing the residents to make informed decisions creates a space where the individuals feel their opinions are valued and heard in their home. For example, when assisting with medication administration it is important to ensuring the resident is aware of and understands the details, benefits, risks and expected outcome of each medication before beginning the first dose. Along with informed decision making- keeping a person-centered approach builds a strong trust with the residents.

    Taking a person-centered approach when supporting someone allows them to build trust and enjoy one-on-one time spent with that specific person. Quality time with staff is something resident’s might not get to enjoy too often since the COVID pandemic due to staffing shortages across the healthcare field.

    Community integration is vital to a quality life. Promoting community integration for the people we support helps fix the disconnect that is so often present by creating inclusive and diverse relationships through social connections, employment and other regular daily activities. One great way to promote community integration is to involve our residents in community activities.

    Community activities play a huge role in the lives of the residents. Community activities can be anything from bowling, swimming, gardening, social groups, or even exercise classes like Zumba! Any activities that can be used to promote good holistic health while having fun enriches their lives and creates opportunities for them to socialize outside of their home.

    Community activities are a great way to learn what your residents like to do and can help you find other opportunities for them with similar interests. An important piece of community integration is finding businesses that are handicap accessible. Oftentimes we have individuals with wheelchairs and walkers for safety.  Ensuring a business has ramps or an elevator lift is crucial as they cannot safely enter the establishment if it is inaccessible. Businesses that have begun to utilize adaptive and assistive devices promote community integration since it makes for greater accessibility and creates inclusivity which allows the residents who need these devices to enjoy these activities without any limitations.

    There are so many other benefits to community integration. It helps build practical life skills, gives inclusive employment opportunities within the workforce, prevents isolation and allows for the opportunity to engage with others overall. It also teaches appropriate social behaviors and gives the opportunity to build valued social roles like relationships, marriage, and parenting. 


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