By Amrit Michelle Singh, Coordinator of Family Support Services, Yoga Instructor


Yoga has been practiced for many centuries as a way of healing the body both physically and emotionally. It is a form of physical fitness used to relax and relieve stress improving one's overall well being. However, there are many preconceived ideas and myths surrounding the practice of yoga.  In this article, Michelle Singh tries to set the record straight about a few of them.

Myth or Fact? ~ Yoga is always a very physical and often strenuous activity for the flexible person.

Myth. There are many types of yoga, including gentle, restorative, vinyasa (flow), nidra (sleep). In fact, according to yoga philosophy, yoga consists of eight “limbs.” The physical postures, or asanas, is only one of these eight limbs. The others include breathing and various forms of meditation.


Myth or Fact? ~ I didn’t like yoga when I tried it 5 years ago, so it’s not for me.

Myth. The truth is, every single person could benefit from yoga, as we all need to slow down our nervous systems. Take a deep breath. And focus on just yourself without a screen, noise or distraction. Also, it often takes several experiences with anything new to truly decide if you enjoy it or not.


Myth or Fact? ~ Yoga only focuses on postures and breathing.

Myth. This is a completely false statement. Many yoga classes include hand gestures (mudras), chanting and meditation in addition to postures and breathing. These other tools have a particular purpose within the class.


Myth or Fact? ~ Yoga Therapy can target specific health conditions and imbalances in the body, such as arthritis, back pain, depression and anxiety.

Fact!! It is true that Yoga therapy is designed to focus on very specific conditions or concerns. Some of the classes that have been offered at Wildwood include Yoga for Anxiety, Yoga for Caregivers (and the stress related to this role), Chair Yoga (for improving balance, stability, flexibility and mobility).


Check out some of the yoga practices we offered in June to focus on Staff Wellness:,, and


In October, Family Support Services will be offering a new series - Making Sound Decisions, Releasing Impulses and Dignity of Risk, held by Google Meet, for any individual FSS eligible – OPWDD approved and living with a family member.  Our focus will include attention to the way you move and the way you breathe, applying appropriate hand gestures to our practice, space for silent & guided meditation, and a time to share and connect with others . Join me and others for 6 classes (seated in a chair and standing poses) Wednesdays, 4:30 pm – 5:45 pm on October 6, 13, 20, 27 and November 3, 10.  For more information or to register, please call or email Amrit Michelle Singh, LMSW, RYT 500 at or 518.640.3350.

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