Many of us were elated when Governor Cuomo announced that, because of the strong advocacy and his recognition of the valuable contribution of Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), that he was funding a pay raise for DSPs in 2018.  Since then, many things have been conjectured about the state of federal funding and the possibility of cuts to the state budget. There is a question of whether the governor and the legislature will be able to deliver on their promise.

It certainly means that this is not the time to become complacent when it comes to letting our voices be heard.  The #beFair2DirectCare movement reached the ears of our elected officials, and our advocacy undoubtedly had an impact.  Part of effective advocacy is knowing when to keep at it. Now is the time to continue delivering a consistent and energetic message regarding this necessary pay increase for DSPs.  As we head into budget time, please stay the course and let your voice be heard as we lend support to the DSPs, the people in whom we entrust with our mission.


To help with that, a new social media campaign known as “#ValueMe” has begun to showcase the importance of keeping the financial commitment our Legislators have made to our Direct Support Professionals.  Started by Saratoga Bridges, #ValueMe is designed to reinforce the message that our DSPs' dedication, hard work, and commitment must be respected.  Please contact your local Legislators and remind them to #bdFair2DirectCare and show them how vital the DSPs are in the lives of our loved ones.…..#ValueMe.


We will be collecting photos of DSPs holding a #ValueMe sign and sharing these images with social media.  We will also be creating short videos highlighting the important work being done and we will encourage all of our stakeholders to share the message of just how important this issue is to all of us.

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