If you’ve been to the Latham offices in the last few months you know that there is plenty of construction activity going on. Wildwood is making changes to better adapt to the changing needs of the people we support.

    The Young Adult Program (YAP), part of Wildwood School, is slated to move to the Curry Road school building starting in the fall of 2020. The space that houses the existing business office, human resources department, central office and the Wildwood Foundation will be renovated to provide the ideal space for the YAP. YAP students,  while being housed in the same building as school, will be able to access many of the resources at school including the gym, the track and the nature trails as well as having greater access to behavioral support, physical therapies and occupational therapies. YAP will continue to be community focused and will regularly head out into the community to further their education, development and growth.

    The business office and the HR department will be moving in October while the Foundation and Central Office’s move is to be determined. Many departments in Latham have shifted floors and offices so if visiting, make sure you ask at the front desk where the person you want to see is currently located.

    Transitions can be tough for everyone but these changes are designed with the goal in mind of making Wildwood supports the very best they can be.

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