By Tom Schreck

    In the United States, the prom is a cultural phenomenon, and every year our school hosts its very own signature event. In the past, the prom has had themes like “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Wizard of Oz” and “Hollywood Nights.” This year’s theme was “Winter Wonderland,” and the school cafeteria was transformed with shining blue and silver decorations, special lighting and table accessories. Students got the chance to dress up for the evening, socialize and dance with their classmates and enjoy food and drinks at this end-of-the-year celebration.

    The prom is important because it is traditional part of our culture and is often seen as a right of passage for young adults. Our students get to experience the same traditions of a prom and celebrate their year, their progress and their comradery with their fellow students whom they have often shared their school experience with for years. It also gives them the opportunity to experience and attend a special event and understand what an important event is like, how to socialize at such an event and, most importantly, how to enjoy themselves in that atmosphere. Many of our students have siblings who have attended a prom outside of Wildwood, and the Wildwood prom gives our students a chance to share that same experience.

    Holly Contompasis has taken the lead on making the Wildwood prom truly something memorable and special. The amount of hours and attention to detail dedicated to the event is really something to behold. Holly along with Tina Whelan and Tami Crisafulli really put their hearts and souls into this creative event that pays tribute to how the students at Wildwood are valued. The night of the prom many staff are involved including Darelene Geloloso who handles the photography and captures the evening so everyone can have lasting memories of the fun.

    This year close to 70 people attended the prom.

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