By Danielle Mazza, Director of Community and Family Supports


    In our previous issue, I wrote a bit about Care Coordination Organizations, what they are and what they will do. As you may recall, or even if it is new to you, Medicaid Service Coordination will be transitioning to a new service called Care Management on July 1st. This new Care Management will be delivered ONLY by CCO’s, which will be separate organizations that ONLY provide Care Management and not any other services. Agencies such as Wildwood will no longer provide MSC, nor will they provide Care Management.

    There will be three CCO’s in the Capital District providing Care Management; Care Design NY, Life Plan CCO and Tri County Care. Wildwood is partnering with Care Design NY - http://caredesignny.org/. This means that Care Design is offering all of our MSC staff positions as a Care Manager, and we are hopeful they will accept these offers. The goal here is to keep your current MSC as your Care Manager, if that is what you wish.

    Beginning sometime in April, your current MSC will be reaching out to you to discuss enrollment in the CCO of your choice. At this point, Wildwood MSC’s have their employment offers from Care Design and will be able to tell you if they will be working for Care Design. The state can not legally auto-enroll people, so it will be important that you sign an enrollment form indicating your choice of CCO. In order to continue all of your current services, you must complete an enrollment form.

Important things to remember!

  • This does NOT affect any of your other services (although you do need to complete the enrollment form to ensure that services stay authorized).
  • Your Care Manager will continue to do all the things they were previously doing for you, but will also integrate physical and behavioral health care into the supports provided.
  • This is NOT managed care. Although the CCO is required to have a network of providers, you can still continue to use any provider who accepts Medicaid or any other insurance you may have.

    Wildwood did host a family forum here on February 15th where members of Care Design presented on their organization and answered questions. If you missed that date, Care Design is planning to do more forums in the Capital District in the near future. In the mean time, you can view a video of a Care Design forum held at another agency here:

    If you have questions, we are happy to answer or clarify any of the information we currently have. You can contact Patty Vassi, Director of MSC at 518-640-3353 or Danielle Mazza, Director of Community and Family Supports at 518-640-3347, and we’ll do our best to give you answers.

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